Unbelievable Magazine

Kinetic Affect stumbled across this publication on a magazine rack in Barnes and Noble. It contained amazing articles on REAL issues and shed light on some amazing work being done by people in our nation and around the world. Rarely does a magazine like this come along. You gotta learn more.

In their mission statement, the magazine says this: “We hope through our publication, online community and outreach initiatives to in some small way help men become “better” men; better husbands, fathers, friends and/or leaders in their community. We hope by showcasing “Rebels” who are making a difference – that others will recognize they too have the power to instill change.”

 It’s a simple, yet powerful concept. To tell real stories about real people–with a focus on men–who are flawed and beautifully impacting the world (or at least their corner of it). To see a magazine like this spring to life and hit shelves across the nation is an inspiring thing. And we feel like Founder Rick Cabral and all those over at Rebel Magazine are a part of a movement with us…a movement to Speak It Forward.

In their newest issue, there will be an advertisement for yours truly, Kinetic Affect. Here’s what it’ll look like.

Now do yourself a favor and support hard-hitting and relevant media like this magazine and get a subscription now. Here’s a link to their website, with lots of free stuff to see and read:


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