Kinetic Affect is a nationally-renowned, award winning duo. These highly dynamic keynote speakers and spoken word artists have made a career out of inspiring youth and adults to follow their passions and live life for today. Gabriel Giron, a survivor of cancer and former soldier in the US Army and Kirk Latimer, a survivor of his own destructive past, and former high school English teacher combine their voices to give audiences a truly one-of-a-kind motivational experience that they will NEVER forget.

Through their personal stories of transformation, they are able to show audiences the common humanity we all share. Having been contestants on the hit television show America’s Got Talent and Amateur Night at The Apollo, Kinetic Affect’s presentations can keep audiences of all ages and demographics engaged and entertained. From high school auditoriums to fortune 500 companies, Kinetic Affect combines dynamic spoken word messages with motivational speaking that is described as both life changing and captivating. This work has driven them to co-found a non-profit organization called Speak It Forward Inc. which brings the power of their work and personal experiences to those individuals, vulnerable children and organizations that need it the most.

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