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Our National Reach

Kinetic Affect is growing in its reach. Having just returned from Colorado and then Connecticut (and Lincoln, Nebraska before then), we are spreading our message of hope and forgiveness father than ever. Our time in Greeley, Colorado was dedicated to the entire school system, students and teachers, and aimed to uplift a community through self-empowering…

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We are on Michigan RADIO

Want to hear what we are REALLY all about and where we are going? This is it. LISTEN to the audio HERE “Take poetry and the spoken word. Mix in two stories of redemption. Stir in a meeting at a Poetry Slam. And top it with a poem about Michigan. Do all of that, and you…

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IMPACTing Video!

Together with HUMANeX and other leaders from every field, we bring you the Discovery & Impact Summit. Watch the video below to SEE the IMPACT that this NEW young adult leadership program is already making.

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See Our SILLY Side!

The hard things in life remind us how important it is to have fun and enjoy the years we’ve been given on this planet. If you think we’re all about the dark and depressing, then you’ve never seen what we do. check this moment out form our performance at Central Michigan University for the LEAGUE…

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Calling All Young Leaders

What do you get when you bring together a brain specialist, powerful speakers, emotional poetry and amazing self assessment tools? THIS. Have you ever wondered how your personality and interests could match your career path? Rather than wander and wait, the IMPACTeX Navigator assessment provides a chance to align who you are with what you do. Learn…

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