Kinetic Affect is a nationally-renowned, award winning duo. These highly dynamic keynote speakers and spoken word artists have made a career out of inspiring youth and adults to follow their passions and live life for today.
Whether you’re looking to uplift, inspire or tackle the difficult current issues students face, Kirk and Gabriel, once two underachieving and at-risk students themselves, help rekindle passion, captivate the imagination and motivate students and to bring about real change.

In today’s current educational climate, it’s not just the students who need uplifting. As our teachers and administration continue to be asked to do more and more, it can often leave them feeling burned out and under-appreciated. Bringing over 30 years of teaching/coaching/mentoring experience into the classroom, Kinetic Affect has been brought into schools around the nation to create one of a kind Professional Developments for staff and speak to a variety of topics including education, engagement, leadership, teamwork and many more.

PD days developed by Kinetic Affect provide a reset button for those in need of a fresh start and gives motivation to engage all facets of the education field or work force with humorous storytelling, powerful interactive activities and much needed inspiration.

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