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Kinetic Affect is a nationally-renowned, award winning duo. These highly dynamic keynote speakers and spoken word artists have made a career out of inspiring both adults and youth to reignite their passions and live life for today.
Kinetic Affect is no stranger to the difficulties and hurdles that face the non-profit world. In 2009 they founded one themselves, called Speak It Forward Inc., as a way to give back and whose mission is dedicated to working with marginalized populations, helping them to find the power in their voice and speak their truth. As co-directors of a nonprofit and having spoken around the country at numerous conferences and events, Kirk and Gabriel have talked and listened to so many people who have dedicated their lives to helping others.

However, as nonprofit leaders and employees, we cannot fill the buckets of those we serve if our own buckets are empty. The more we listen, the more we here about burn out, high turnover and sometimes low staff morale impacting the sector we have dedicated our lives to. While we love what we do, this kind of work is sometimes messy, often challenging and always draining. Yet, it is important; it is needed and it can be beyond rewarding. Learning to refill our wells with laughter, love and light today will provide us with even more opportunity to give tomorrow.

Kinetic Affect uses the power of humor, personal experiences and a research driven approach, to help remind audiences everywhere that the hard thing to do is often the most rewarding. Their infectious energy and unique backgrounds collide on stage with two distinct personalities that remind us that for as hard as life can get, we never have to do it alone.

If you are looking for a way to reignite that passion and redefine the purpose book Kinetic Affect today for a presentation, professional development or your next conference!

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