Knowing how to motivate and show appreciation for your workforce will help ensure they’re enthusiastically bringing their best efforts each day and helping the company meets its sales and performance goals, whatever they might be… With over 30 years of combined experience, motivating and connecting is exactly what Kinetic Affect does best!

Kinetic Affect is a nationally-renowned, award winning duo. These highly dynamic keynote speakers and spoken word artists have made a career out of inspiring and motivating adults to reconnect to their inner passion and channel that energy into their everyday lives.

In a world full of fast paced deadlines and short attention spans reconnecting the mind and the heart is where the magic happens. Too often we find ourselves being told to separate our personal and professional lives, to “leave ourselves at the door” when we walk into work. But according to a study by the Journal of Economic Psychology, employees who feel appreciated and comfortable to be themselves at work causes them to choose more challenging tasks and are motivated to be productive.

Gabriel Giron, a former military soldier in the US Army and a cancer survivor, and Kirk Latimer, a former teacher and golden gloves boxer, combine their voices to tell a story of their sacrifice, hard work and passionate belief to navigate a rocky road to success.

Utilizing a mix of wild humor, personal testimony, and a research driven approach, Kinetic Affect’s presentations remind audiences everywhere that the best businesses are not solely focused on the bottom line, but on the pulsing heartbeat of the people in them. That if we want our businesses to be successful, we must have successful relationships not just with our customer base, but also with the people we lead and those who lead us.

If you are looking for a way to recharge your company and power up the heartbeat of your business, book Kinetic Affect today for a presentation or engagement workshop for your next meeting, conference or just another regular day on the job.

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