With over 300 lesson plans designed for over 100 unique behavioral objectives, Kinetic Affect is no stranger to varied and effective “best practices” curriculum. From workshops targeting team growth to breakout sessions that help others find their “voice,” we have the tools and techniques to make just about any content come alive.

Through engaging activities, a focus on multiple intelligences and interactive strategies, these workshops can impact attendees no matter the length – whether it be a two hour block of time or a semester long residency program. With an entire team at our disposal, we are prepared to face any number of participants, be it 12 or 2,000.



Bringing over 20 years of teaching/coaching/mentoring experience into a PD day, Kinetic Affect can speak to a variety of topics including education, engagement, leadership, teamwork and many more. We give professional development days heart, motivation, realness and much needed inspiration.

PD days developed by Kinetic Affect will engage all facets of the education field or work force through spoken word poetry performances, humorous storytelling, and powerful interactive activities.


In collaboration with other organizations, we provide multifaceted leadership development that targets the very heart of leadership, servant leadership and “leading where you are.” By taking the concept of leadership and giving it an authentic and “down to earth” voice through poetry, storytelling and other means, we are able to help others better tap their potential and become stronger leaders as well as collaborative team players.

Can be built for small groups, large teams or entire organizations/companies.


It is a challenge to help others “connect the dots” during a day-long, or several day-long conference. Facilitation of professional events and conferences can be done with style and poignancy with Kinetic Affect at the helm.

By acting as “masters of ceremony”, we are able to connect with a variety of audiences, transition from one segment to another with power and help organize and manage large and small stage events.


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