Kinetic Affect is a nationally-renowned, award winning duo. These highly dynamic keynote speakers and spoken word artists have made a career out of inspiring both adults and youth to reignite their passions and live life for today. 

In a world full of fast paced deadlines and short attention spans falling into “autopilot” is not uncommon these days. We often forget and disconnect from the very reason we get up in the morning. The very central purpose for why we do anything at all is at the core of who we are and how we live our lives. Kinetic Affects reminds audiences that reconnecting the heart and mind to the spirit is why we are here. 

Gabriel Giron, a former military soldier in the US Army and a cancer survivor, and Kirk Latimer, a former teacher and golden gloves boxer, combine their voices to tell a story of their sacrifice, hard work and passionate belief to navigate their way out of the darkest of times in life. From moments of feeling hopeless during a battle with cancer or dealing with the loss of loved ones in tragic ways, Kinetic Affect reminds us that we cannot fill the buckets of those we serve if our own buckets are empty.

Through personal testimonies and humorous reflection, Kinetic Affect rekindles the spirit for life and reminds us that no matter how dark our days may be, tomorrow can be brighter when we allow the light inside us to come out.


Bring Kinetic Affect in for an important event or an everyday activity to inspire hope and a deliver a reminder that we can shine a light for others even while we are finding our own way out of the darkness.

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