Theater at Home… Where It’s Warm

The show that set Kinetic Affect apart from the crowd is now available on-line for free. Happy Holidays from us to you.

The show that took Kalamazoo by storm can now be experienced for the first time on-line. Every moment. Every song. Every emotional poem. Re-experience the laughter and the tears. Or make this your first time seeing a full Kinetic Affect production.

Video footage comes from Kinetic Affect’s performance of Speak It Forward at Farmers Alley Theatre in downtown Kalamazoo. Divided into two acts, Speak It Forward takes us on a journey through the human life–as if it lasted only a single day. the first act contains the infamous “anonymous notecard” experience that has set Kinetic Affect apart in their live performances and workshops all around the nation. make sure not to miss it.

Watch the first act below and then go directly to the dedicated Vimeo page at to complete the second act and take the full journey.

Speak It Forward: Act 1 from Kinetic Affect on Vimeo.

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