Speak It Forward Lands New Office Space

Our non-profit organization finally has a home in downtown Kalamazoo. It’s just the start to growing our work and changing lives in deeper and more profound ways. The office will be located downtown across the street from the popular Entertainment District and right above our friends at Southwest Michigan First. We are in the process of replacing floors, ceiling and walls, as well as beginning stages of ordering furnishings and technology to fill the space. All that means very little, though, compared to what we will ACTUALLY do in that space. Here is where we will scout out “beautifully broken” talent and give them a future home. A home base where we can launch strategic “spoken word” assaults on the community, state and nation. The attacks will help to open eyes, minds and hearts and engage our community in a way never experienced before.

This is what real economic development is all about. Turning what seem like weaknesses into our valued strengths. Welcome to the next level of Speak It Forward Inc. and Kinetic Affect.

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