Sheeding Blood Sweat & Tears

This isn’t Kinetic Affect, but it IS something awesome. A new show produced by the wildly creative minds over at Studio 246, including Kirk Latimer and Gabriel Giron. Learn more and buy your tickets now!

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Blood Sweat & Tears is the first show of its kind. Mixing ancient Greek and Roman warriorship with modern stage performances, this show is bound to grab you by the throat.

Hosted by Gabriel and Kirk with a house DJ, house dance crew and house band Funk 211, Blood Sweat & Tears is anything but short on entertainment.

Each month, two performers or performing groups go head to head for glory and ultimate victory forTWO NIGHTS (Friday & Saturday). Only one can win – and YOU help decide.

Each month, a different guest judge will join the Blood Sweat and Tears crew to cast their vote as to who spilled more guts on the stage each evening. And audience response, cheers, screams make a difference.

Hight octane. Artistically unique. And undeniably edgy.

Blood Sweat & Tears will shake you up and leave you wanting more.

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