New KA Video Channel LAUNCHES!

Kinetic Affect has been so busy doing so much that we rarely take the time to show you what we’re doing. Not anymore. We have just launched our new Vimeo video channel to upload and showcase our work in a way we’ve never done before.

The video channel is at and it won’t just feature prettily packaged Kinetic Affect videos; it will feature the REAL work of what we do, showcase how we interact with others during our shows and give you an entirely different side of Kirk and Gabriel. Starting in fall of 2011, Kinetic Affect will begin releasing informal webcasts about current work, behind the scenes interviews and simple pontifications on life as we see it. We’re silly too, so expect some level of fun going on there as well. Click the badge below and become a Kinetic Affect Vimeo channel follower today!

The OFFICIAL Kinetic Affect Channel

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