Lighting Hope with Addiction Treatment Services

Kinetic Affect and Addiction Treatment Services are working closely together to create a memorable and powerful vigil to celebrate and remember those on the road to recovery…in beautiful Traverse City.

Addiction Treatment Services is a powerful organization dedicated to helping people down the road to recovery. And on September 30 at 7pm in Traverse City, Addiction Treatment Services will take a powerful step to celebrate and remember the work that is being done and those whose lives have been impacted forever. “Lighting Hope” is the name of what will certainly be a beautiful, powerful and fully impacting event presented by Addition Treatment Services and hosted by Kinetic Affect.

Here is the poem Kinetic Affect composed and the video they created in honor of the work being done at Addiction Treatment Services and the lives that are affected. The poem is called “Hope Happens Here.” Be sure to come out and support this beautiful evening event in honor of some of the most powerful work being done in Michigan.

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