Is a Grammy in the Making?

That’s our goal in these two new CDs. We are doing things never done before and we’re excited to create CDs that will not only entertain, but also uplift and change lives. To hear some of what we’ve been putting together, read on…

Our CDs will be unlike anything you’ve heard before. They will be the most comprehensive CDs we’ve had to date and will take listeners on a wild ride of powerful life experiences told with authenticity and vulnerability.

Working closing with recording artist NICK LOBEL, these CDs will feature all new music and exciting interludes. There will be CDs of our own work as well as a CD of the students we have worked with. And what will make these albums powerful is not just the performances and dynamic musical accompaniment, but also the candid conversations that will pepper each album. It’s about authenticity and moving our listeners with what’s REAL and RAW. That’s exactly what we plan to do.

Here are a few tracks which will be on the new Kinetic Affect CDs. Take a listen and get excited for the audio ride of a lifetime.

 (A new track featuring music by Nick Lobel.)

(A candid conversation into the microphone that goes in a surprising direction.)

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