Affecting Lakeside Academy

Lakeside Academy is powerful place for youths facing challenges in our society. And Kinetic Affect plans to help make an impact right in their own backyard.

For Kirk Latimer, a place like Lakeside Academy may hold more memories because of his own difficult past, wrought with trouble and time in institutions like this one. Kinetic Affect find a special home in juvenile detention centers and other youth facilities and programs because of their own challenges growing up and it right here where the work must be done.

Working closing with the staff at Lakeside, Kirk and Gabriel are planning on bringing their non-profit work into the culture of the school. And things are moving fast. Kinetic Affect will be performing for the students and staff at Lakeside Wednesday, September 8th at 10am. This powerful punctuation mark is the beginning of what Kir and Gabriel hope to be a long-term relationship with one of the most impacting facilities for youths in the area.

There is no doubt that Speak It Forward is about to expand its reach and collaborate with an organization it was made to connect with. Keep updated to learn about progress of the program and any events that may be open to general public.

Visit the Lakeside Academy website for more information:

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