What an Honor

Southwest Michigan First has reached out to Kinetic Affect and included Kirk Latimer in the inaugural group of First 50 emerging and established leaders in the area. It is their endeavor to create “interdisciplinary leadership” in the area, and its powerful. Learn more about this FIRST experience.

It is an honor to be acknowledged as among the top emerging leaders in the area. In a community that is ripe and rich with so much talent and budding leadership. Kinetic Affect has been moving more and more toward true transformational change and participating in First 50 is another step along this path.

First 50 is a year-long commitment and has a limited 40 members. Half of them are emerging leaders, such as Kirk Latimer of Kinetic Affect, and the other half are established leaders in the area. Each time-tested leader is paired with an apprentice, so to speak. Over the course of this year, stronger relationships will be built and a deeper understanding of “leading where you CAN” will be explored.

There is no doubt to Kinetic Affect that true personal and organizational transformation co-exist along with economic development. We are here to prove that through deep personal growth and exploration, we can improve businesses, discover talents, reignite education and support families in our communities.

Learn more about Southwest Michigan First at www.southwestmichiganfirst.com.

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