Ushering in the New Year KA Style

Kinetic Affect strikes New Years Fest yet once again. Downtown Kalamazoo becomes a hub of excitement and entertainment on the evening of December 31st. Do not miss it.

New Years Fest is just one of the amazing special event experiences located in the heart of Kalamazoo. Usher in the New Year with excitement and style by purchasing tickets for New Years Fest now. Celebrated for 25 years, this festival will appeal to all ages and give families, lovers, and individuals  a chance to celebrate on the local level with entertainment, food and warm drinks.

Make sure to catch Kinetic Affect in the First Congregational Church at 6:45 pm, 8:45 pm or 10:45 pm on December 31st. We’ve got some new work and surprises in store for the audiences we see that night.

KirK and Gabriel look forward to seeing you out on the town to bring in 2011 with Kalamazoo pomp and circumstance. Please go to for more information and to get your tickets today.

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