The Music Video

The shouts and cries for a video production of the poem for Kalamazoo have been heard. “Hometown Legacy”, the music video dedicated to our community, is here.

When the Kalamazoo Gazette came to Kinetic Affect and asked for a video version of the poem, Kirk and Gabriel took the opportunity to produce the music video in house, via their production company Kinected Productions. Kinected Productions features Gabriel Giron as camera director and primary editor and Kirk Latimer as visual designer and music producer.

The video of “Hometown Legacy” is a look at the Kalamazoo community, filmed on-location throughout the area, featuring the voices of Kirk and Gabriel as Kinetic Affect. Audio production, music creation by Kirk Latimer, camera work by Gabriel Giron and Jon Petro and editing by Gabriel Giron, once again. This video is a strong demonstration of the multi-faceted nature of Kinetic Affect and their many talents and skills. And this is, in many ways, Kinetic Affect’s gift to a community that has helped them grow into who and what they are today.

Here is the poem we have been wanting to write and perform for so long.

Kinetic Affect is also talking with the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra to generate an entire orchestration for the poem which would be performed live. There are some great surprises in store!

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