“Thank you so much for such a phenomenal performance with our staff yesterday! I was inspired, ignited and can’t wait to put into action today some of the messages I was reminded of yesterday. Our students are going to gain so much from hearing message!”

“Hey guys. My name is Ashly Shue, I’m 15 years old. I go to East Detroit High School. Your presentation was amazing. I’ve had a lot of struggles. My father is an alcoholic…and has almost died. Also three of my grandmothers had cancer. They survived. Gabriel, I admire you for going through that. And Kirk…I know how it feels to be abused, and I’ve built a barrier of my own too. You guys broke it down earlier today. Thank you both for coming to my school. I admire you both. Thank you so much.”

“Great performance @ RHS in Indiana. My son and I really enjoyed it! Great message and great show! Wish you two all the best in your ventures! Speak it Forward!!!”

“Kirk and Gabriel I just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you for the amazing job you did presenting your workshop for the kids at the Unity Retreat weekend. I am in awe of how quickly your work moves kids to open up and share themselves. In working with teens for the past 17 years I have never seen anything quite like it…They have taken your lessons and tools home and are using them…We are so blessed to have the two of you in this community working with our youth and encouraging them to speak out and stand for themselves and others.”

“Thank you for coming to Central High today. You made a difference in how I see life now. I know you guys changed some other student’s lives as well. You were great and i hope you can come back again. Continue to change the world.”

“It’s been over a year of listening to the both of you over and over again, gaining strength out of both of your voices, and Kinetic Affect is still one of my biggest inspirations today. Thank you. Remember that you are constantly changing the way things are.”

“Thank you for helping others find their voice and for bringing out all the fantastic youth from Lakeside for yet another outstanding presentation. You both have come so far & have turned what was once horribly upsetting & negative pasts into hope & promise for a bright future, not only for yourselves, but for the multitude of kids whose eyes have been opened (often for the first time) to possibilities they never imagined for themselves! I have been and will remain a strong supporter of your work & appreciate all you do to encourage positive change in kids & in the general attitude of our local communities, you’re a fantastic credit to us all!”

“I still wear my shirt from your first performance downtown Kalamazoo. Circa 2006 or so… You guys are the TRUTH!!!”

“…I was at Lakeside Academy and attended the classes that were put on by Speak It Forward. I loved and appreciated what you did for me and my fellow peers. It has been almost a year and a half since I left and I’m doing much better now. The things you taught me I still use to this day. Thank you.”

“Hi, I graduated from high school at Kalamazoo Central 3 years ago…I just wanted to let you know that lately, whenever I need something empowering, I listen to your words. Since graduating I’ve moved to New York and I’ve been sharing your words and stories here and you’ve got many fans here now. I hope you’re both doing well, and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you.”