Studio 246 is now SEXY

That’s right! Studio 246 is all the right stuff wrapped up in the sexiness of cellophane. Ha. We’re fun, we’re ready and we’ve got a new neo-art deco look that blasted off Oct. 20 with pomp, circumstance and FIRE.

Wednesday night was the night Studio 246, which used to be space called The Whole Art Theater, revealed its new facelift and Botox. Imagine the classy intimacy of The Wine Loft, with a hint of film noir, and splash of late night urban theater and you’ve got Studio 246. There’s nothing like it in the area, and we plan to get a stranglehold on fringe theater in Kalamazoo and beyond. Though we do not yet have pictures of the space to share with you, we do have pics of the team having fun and enjoying the opening night together. Enjoy them. And be sure to come out and see Fancy Pants Theater’s full production of Cannibal: The Musical, brought to you by the same crazy minds that brought us South Park. Become a fan here:

(Studio 246 femme fatal, Amy Anthonsen, with Kinetic Affect Executive Director Kirk Latimer)

(Studio 246 team having goofy fun. Gabriel Giron, Executive Director of Speak It Forward Inc. with Amy, Kirk and Ben Hooper, writer and crazy scientist.)

(Molly Hooper, the tech wizard of 246, punching the hell out of her brother. We’re all family here.)

(Gabriel kissing his mother Judah Gesmundo, our greatest critic and biggest advocate. We love her.)

(Kirk with his future mother-in-law and Gabriel being Gabriel in the background.)

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