Speak It Forward Inc. Non-Profit Work

Kirk Latimer and Gabriel Giron both realize the importance of giving back. And this is how they do it.

 Both of them are lucky to be alive today and this not only fuels their creative juices in Kinetic Affect, but it is also what drives them to dig deeper into the community and help transform the lives of others. Especially youths who are either lost in the system or in the process of losing themselves. Our logo is a symbol of starting with the roots and allowing the work to carry outward, like the branches of a tree. Kirk Latimer designed the logo, and Gabriel Giron now carries it permanently on his forearm. Here is a picture of it:

(Photo provided by the Battle Creek Enquirer)

The Speak It Forward Inc.’s mission is to:

UPLIFT youth and adults who have been silenced by helping them find and powerfully express their VOICE.

Speak It Forward Inc. is Kirk Latimer and Gabriel Giron’s response to our community’s growing need for reaching out to those who are getting lost in the system. It is a functioning 501(c)3 dedicated to transforming lives of others through the practical and educational application of the spoken word arts. Co-founded by Latimer and Giron in 2008, Speak It Forward has already begun its work in the places where it is most needed. Receiving financial support from the Battle Creek Community Foundation, the Irving S. Gilmore Foundation, the Kalamazoo Community Foundation and the Fetzer Fund, to name a few, Speak It Forward Inc. has been able to provide inspirational and educational opportunities to youths at the fringes of our society. The organization has already reached into the Calhoun County Juvenile Home, the Kalamazoo County Juvenile Home, Starr Commonwealth’s day treatment programs, treatment facilities around the region, prisoner re-entry programs, etc. And locally we are providing rich, artistic experiences to the students at Lakeside Academy through a strong partnership with Lakeside for Children and the nationally recognized organization Sequel Youth and Family Services. Go to http://www.lakesideacademy.net/ for more information about their organization.

While this organization is still very new, and has yet to have its official launch (with pomp and circumstance), it has already been making a deeply positive impact in the community and surrounding areas. And it is only through public support and the generosity of individuals in the community and its organizations that will help keep Speak It Forward strong and assist it in transforming the lives of those who most need it. On-line are NOW AVAILABLE. Click on the donate button right below. It’s that simple.


However, if you would like to send a check to Speak It Forward Inc. instead, please write to the following:

Speak It Forward Inc.

10007 Wildwood Ct.

Richland, MI 49083

Speak It Forward Inc. is in the process of creating a dedicated website where its mission and purpose can be seen in fuller color with further detail. Right now, it’s all under construction–but once it is ready, you will be the first to know. Thank you for supporting the work of Speak It Forward Inc. through donations and positive energy. We believe, truly, that what you give is what you, in the end, will receive.

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