Our New Office

Finally. It’s coming. The Speak It Forward office. That’s right. We’re moving in downtown. And guess what? We think Kirk‘s gonna move right above it. That’s how much he LOVES what he does. Thanks to support from the community and the Irving S. Gilmore Foundation, Speak It Forward Inc. will have a new office constructed within a few months in downtown Kalamazoo. Right across the street form the court house and nearby all our friends and community partners, this office will become a hub of new and exciting activity in downtown.

But what makes it truly special? It will be staffed entirely by those “fallen angels” we have worked with in our programs. Drawing mainly from our talent pool at Lakeside Academy and working directly with the reintegration program, we will use our workshops at Lakeside as a feeder program to find talent, staff, mentors and new facilitators. This will be our team. This will be the start of a home base for our movement.

Excited yet? Well, we certainly are. Soon, we will be laying out the plans, choosing colors, designing the interior and constructing a super beautiful Speak It Forward sign right outside on the front of this modern-looking building. It’s amazing to think that we started all this by digging our own nails into the dirt and digging our way through. We hit the ground running and never stopped. It’s been an exciting journey and you’re about to watch it explode like fireworks in this community.

Get ready, downtown Kalamazoo, because here we come.

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