Our National Reach

Kinetic Affect is growing in its reach. Having just returned from Colorado and then Connecticut (and Lincoln, Nebraska before then), we are spreading our message of hope and forgiveness father than ever. Our time in Greeley, Colorado was dedicated to the entire school system, students and teachers, and aimed to uplift a community through self-empowering poetry. Here is an article of one of our engagements while there: Greeley, Colorado News

Our friend Greg Williams, of Connecticut, created a powerful documentary called The Anonymous People, which is currently the number one rated documentary available on Netflix. Our stories speak to the central truth of that film, and so we recently performed as an opening act to a public showing of this film. This powerful evening served as an awareness- and fund-raiser for an important cause, bringing the road of recovery out of the shadows and into the light.

There is so much more coming up, but in the meantime, we are back in our hometown running our programs across the state, reaching out to the most vulnerable populations.

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