Changing Lives with Titan’s Speak

Thanks to so much support, our work is growing and transforming and changing people’s lives, including our own. See how our workshops and performances are AFFECTING students at the treatment facility Lakeside Academy.

We certainly wish we could show you the impact this work is having on every student, but we must keep the youth protected, so only a select few can be shared with you. In this case, we have Gina, just one among hundreds being transformed by the power of our work in treatment facilities and juvenile detention centers. Here is a link to an article about her story and about the program Titan’s Speak:

Kalamazoo Lakeside Academy students cope with problems using poetry, to perform this weekend

We believe that in order to grow this world and showcase our humanity, we must embrace the difficulties, the tragedies and the “ugliness” we see around us and in ourselves. It is only through first doing this that we can begin to share in our beauty. We have taken, with permission, youth impacted by this work into the surrounding communities so that the greater public can be forever transformed by the amazing healing and sharing power of these “wounded” students. Below WILL SOON BE a video of Gina at our first Titan’s Speak. She shares her honest thoughts about the program and us and her life. honor her and other’s who are on the path of personal growth and continue to support collaborations like this one. Visit to learn more and give back to our children.

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