Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.

Bronson Battle Creek and Bronson and Borgess of Kalamazoo have asked Kinetic Affect to be a part of their MLK celebrations. What an honor. Learn more about what’s going on and what we’re doing to uplift us all.

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. and breaking down barriers between people in the new year, we will be performing at special events for Bronson Battle Creek on Wednesday, January 11, and Bronson and Borgess of Kalamazoo on Monday, January 16.

Borgess and Bronson Get AFFECTED

Our message will be one of hope and honesty for the new year. And we’re excited to be a bigger part of the health and wellness community in our region. What an honor to share in two important themes, “Where do we go from here: Chaos or Community?” and “Living and Breathing the Dream.”

And the truth we hold to is that it takes difficulty to grow strong; it takes chaos to sometimes find the soul of our communities; it takes knowing the nightmare to truly appreciate and achieve the dream. We hope that if you work with or for Bronson or Borgess, that you will attend the celebration with us.

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