Catalyst University Gets AFFECTED!

Southwest Michigan First’s popular Catalyst University returns for its second year at the end of January. Tickets are already sold out, and you should have one. But if you don’t, please see how Kinetic Affect is helping to set it off anyway. That way, you know what you’re getting into next year!

This is the promotional video from last year’s Catalyst University event. Yep, and that’s us around 30 seconds in. And we’re coming back. This time we’re going to rock the crowd with the Michigan poem. That’s right, that poem you’ve heard about but haven’t seen live yet. By the way, help us get on the steps of the capital with that thing! Contact everyone you know! We love you for your support.

Catalyst University is an amazing experience that features powerful voices from all walks of life. This year Doc Hendley will be appearing; he’s one of the nominated CNN heroes who created the Wine to Water organization. It’s amazing and moving. he not only helps bring fresh water to areas in need, but he literally helps them dig the holes, start the machines and then makes it sustainable by giving the communities the power to continue it on their own. We saw him at the Michigan Nonprofit Association Super Conference and he moved everyone there to laughter and tears. What a humbling, beautiful soul he is. He is sure to provide a very important perspective at this year’s event. Learn more about Wine to Water here:

Then get yourself acquainted with Catalyst University, which is all about stimulating growth and providing opportunities for success through deep, graduate-level discussion and learning–oh, and lots of fun.


Hope to see you there on the morning of January 25th!

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