Building Our Army of Spoken Word Soldiers

Our army our voices has been growing and getting more powerful. We have so much footage, so many recordings and writings that we don’t yet know what to do with it all. But we do know one thing is for certain: these spoken word soldiers are not only changing their own lives, they are changing the lives of others. Read more to SEE, HEAR and MOVED by the real life stories of our amazing army.

Here are videos and audio of students who know how to SPEAK IT FORWARD and who have used their voices to help change and open the minds and hearts of people. They are NEW to this and have put their voices out there because we’ve told them that it DOES matter and that it WILL change their lives. We believe it because we know it and see it. Please watch, listen, read and share these powerful performances with others.

(Felipe, an ex-juvenile offender, turns the tables and educates the “leaders” in his community.)

(A student gives a powerful and moving performance about the loss of his mother while in tretamen facility “lock-up”.)

(A powerful spoken word duo focusing on the negative impacts of bullying on our youth, coming from the mouths of ex-gang members and past violent offenders.)

(This is the recording of a student’s harrowing and beautiful story of losing his mother to her addictions called “Painted Memories.”)

And that’s just a TINY FRACTION of the voices and experiences we are collecting. SPEAK IT FORWARD.

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